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supplying medical equipment

A long successful history in the field of medical equipment coupled with a team of knowledgable biomedical engineers and commercial experts enables us to fulfill your medical equipment requirement efficiently.


Our outstanding ties with a wide range of well-reputable medical manufacturers let us to flexibly respond to a wide range of requirements including Endoscopy, ENT, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic Instruments, Clinical Aesthetics, Dental and so on. Furthermore, we are able to supply various well-known brands like BD, 3M, Storz, GE, and so on.


Additionally, our team of experts is ready to give you advice on the equipment planning of your healthcare facility based on their vast experience in this area. So if you are not even sure about the equipment you need, we are here to assist you with suitable planning meeting your goals.


The first and foremost goal of GHC International is to be your trusted and reliable supplier.  So on-time delivery, cost efficiency, and top quality are our commitments to you. 


Do not hesitate to consult with our team about your inquiry.


The group is exclusively representing a collection of leading international medical and healthcare manufacturers with a proven successful track record. 


GHC International’s affiliated network of specialized marketing companies and its direct distribution network located throughout the region provide excellent market coverage


GHC International offers a comprehensive package of services for all those faced with providing high-quality health care facilities, anywhere in the ME.


We have been able to win the trust of several conglomerates in the medical equipment industry by constantly performing above the market standards and providing our partners with a substantial market share and opportunities over more than two decades. GHC International always appreciates to partner with companies that provide top quality products and services and looking forward to expanding their business to this region. 




Market research is the cornerstone of every business development project and we also provide this service to support our clientele in their path toward success.


GHC International provides a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative market research services. We adapt each and every project in accordance with the specific needs of our clients, offering services from traditional central location interviewing, to new online research methodologies. We facilitate the process of decision making for our clients by gathering reliable information for them.


GHC International also accompanies its clients in the business development phase after market research and provides accurate information, cost-effective support to business planning, market forecasts, and strategy development that suppliers need to win the contracts and market opportunities. 


Our team of experts scrutinizes healthcare market opportunities constantly to spot appropriate ones that match the capabilities and strategies of its clientele. GHC International is concerned about the growth and development of its clients. 

Brand establishment


market-entry strategies

GHC International provides suppliers with the latest strategies of increased sales, brand awareness, and business stability before entering a new market. Developing a market entry strategy involves a thorough analysis of your potential competitors and possible customers. 


GHC International is a group of consultants nationwide who embrace a contemporary view of brand development and the newest processes involved in the creation and re-creation of valuable brands.


GHC International is capable of assisting you in applying an efficient approach toward your market penetration. You can experience a cost-efficient marketing and branding activity without compromising the result with a well-orchestrated market entry strategy followed by a brand establishment plan.


We are committed to devising strategies that guarantee an incomparable start-up in the Middle East region for our clients. This can only be done by deploying state of the art marketing approaches in a flexible way to suit your business to a great extent.


It's not possible anymore to think and plan about improving your healthcare business without the help of Information Technology.


GHC International is able to satisfy your requirements for any IT solution varying from Health Information Systems to Queuing applications. According to the scale of your facility and business, you should implement different levels of IT infrastructure. Our team of experts is well experienced about devising the right solution for you with a cost-efficient budget. 


We, in co-operation with our reputable partners, also provide Health Information Systems for hospitals and clinics with a magnificent quality that enables clinical businesses to experience a fully paperless operation matching HIMSS standards. Having numerous successful implementations in the region, we can ensure you that GHC International wipes your concerns about the IT infrastructure of the business away.


E-health and M-health solution are another service of GHC International that you can ask for. Given the new demands of the healthcare market, being able to serve your clients and patients online and in far distances is becoming a new must for thriving in the market. We bring you the most viable solutions based on our consultants’ decades of experience.

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